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When might you need self storage
  • When you have to move and you still don't have a new home.
  • When you are restructuring your home and you don't know where to store furniture during the restructuring work.
  • When you have just moved to a new city with loads of luggage and you haven't found a place to stay yet.
  • To free up space in your home and to preserve objects and memories that you just don't want to throw away.
  • To carry out seasonal changes
  • When your hobbies have taken over and you can't get access to the garage or the cellar.

Flexibility, Accessibility and Security!

How does self storage in Florence work?

Silea Storage Florence is an area with different size units to be used for as long as necessary, depending on customer requirements. The spaces are accessible throughout the week, there are covered ramps for loading/unloading and the building where customer's space is located is within easy reach thanks to a large parking lot.

All Self Storage spaces are just like a spare room in your house: clean, safe, dry and comfortable. They were designed to solve space problems.

Our Customers can rent one of our spaces in 3 easy steps


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