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Long stock promotion

Our contracts are extremely flexible, you can take advantage of our service starting from the minimum time of 1 month, but we also have the possibility of stipulating quarterly, half-yearly and annual contracts with increasingly convenient prices as the contract lengthens.

Removers promotion

If you do not have sufficient space in your warehouse or if you need additional storage, even short-term, our service is for you. In 2014 Silea Self Storage Florence is pleased to provide an exclusive offer on some of our spaces (29 sqm and 34 sqm) reserved for removal firms.

Archive promotion

Is the space in your study no longer enough? Do you need to tidy up and store your documents safely? Our Self-Storage service is just what you need. Silea Self Storage Florence provides different size spaces for your archive. The spaces are for the exclusive use of the individual user, and can be accessed independently and freely throughout the week as required and without having to interact with the facility's security staff.


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